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Want to become Certified by the Largest Lash Company in the USA?

Read Below to see how.

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The Bella Lash Course through The Beauty Castle Salon is a Hands On 2 Day Course, that will prepare you for your lash career. The course is taught by Certified Bella Lash Artist & Certified Trainer, Hayley.

Hayley has 5 years experience and is the owner of one of Chicago's largest lash salons.

As soon as you sign up you will receive access to The Bella Lash Online Education System. You will complete this online training before the first day of class so you already have a base knowledge of lash extensions on your 1st day of class!

On the first day of class, Your Fully stocked Individual Bella Lash kit will be ready for you. This will have everything you need to start your career and is included in your tuition.

Our Course is 2 Days,

9am-5pm Each Day. We will go over everything you need to know:

​Eyelash Anatomy and Growth
Product and Tool Expertise
Top Tweezer Practices
Classic Lash Application Method
Isolation Techniques
Eye Taping
Adhesive Safety

Preparation Before Appointments
Reactions and Sensitivities
Client Consultation
Proper Hygiene and Safety
When Not To Lash
Advanced Lash Styles
Maintaining Healthy Lashes

Aftercare Techniques
Proper Lash Curl, Length and Diameter
Classic Lash Fills
Lash Removal
Client Retention and Pricing
Marketing and Social Media

On the 2nd Day of Class, You will do a live model so you feel prepared to go on your own! 

After the 2 day course, We require 4 more lash models to be done on your own time.. We will have you submit before & after pictures of the 4 models you do on your own and then your Bella Lash Artist Certificate will be mailed to you!

If you ever need additional help or practice we offer lifetime support. Feel free to come back to our school at anytime to get extra help or practice.

Some of our Students and Their Work!